Pioneering technology to promote
safety, savings & compliance
in Construction.


  • Subs management
  • Certification management
  • Site access automation
  • DOB inspection facilitation
  • Mass communication
  • Skills inventory
  • OSHA compliance
  • Decrease accident and injury
  • Budgeting
  • Lower insurance premium
  • Savings on administrative
    hearings and attorney expenses


SkillSignal = 2 in 1 data solution, pushing safety and savings in US Construction:

1. free phone app serving as a safety & communication hub for construction workers
2. compliance & certification management tool for builders, contractors and subs

  •    Free app serving as a unique safety & communication hub for construction workers
  •    Encrypted and secure
  •    Multilanguage: English, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Chinese, Polish and more...

  •    Intuitive interface and profiling
  •    e-vault for professional skills and certifications
  •    Easier inspection compliance site access checks

  •    Combining safety & communication technologies
  •    Instant mass communication between office, workers and subs
  •    Automatic alerts and reminders

  •    Compliance and certification management tools for builders,
    contractors and subs etc...
  •    Conform to requirements and avoid DOB violations and fines
  •    Whatsapp for construction

  •    Savings and opportunities through data
  •    Can help reduce insurance premium and legal express
  •    Active safety awareness to reduce risk of injury and accident