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CONQUER ALL OF YOUR SAFETY and compliance challenges with 1 single solution

Safety & compliance is a challenge every single day. SkillSignal is your all-in-one mobile platform that connects everyone on-site to your safety goals while creating a collaborative network. What does this mean for you? One centralized platform that makes safety, compliance, and risk control simple and profitable.

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Our worker’s app is available in 6 languages allowing your workforce to connect directly with your project. SkillSignal’s one app saves you 12 hours per week on orientations and daily jobsite documentation, plus much more.

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Our supervisor’s app allows you to manage workforce compliance and control risk in real time. Eliminate hazards faster and centralize all jobsite documents in one database. You will eliminate risk and gain peace of mind through SkillSignal.

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Improving your safety & compliance has never been easier. Our technology creates powerful leverage for you: avoid compliance penalties, improve worker morale, lower insurance costs, and improve your bottom line with our all-in-one solution!

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You and your data are protected by Trust Guard and Veracode

“I wish I had this app when I first started in construction.”

Mike T., Superintendent, Structure Tone

“Skillsignal is easy to use and was extremely easy to deploy to all our supers in the field, it became a vital resource of data for us.”

Jessica R., Corporate Strategy & Systems Manager, HOLT

“With hurricane Ida, our site experienced flooding which caused a fire on our site. We had to evacuate, so pulled our Skillsignal manpower report to check on everyone, it worked perfectly.”

Joe S., Site Safety Manager, Torcon

You can count on us: we've done this thousands of times!

2,000+ companies
1.7+ million worker logs
600 million sq ft of construction projects covered
1.2+ million documents processed
2.5+ million safety videos streamed

Why SkillSignal: Client Success Stories

Our technology solves your problems, creates connections, and gives you peace of mind. Your success is reinforced by our impeccable and personal service, change management, and trust that you’re always our main priority.


Better safety starts with better communication!

We made an app for all of your workers; its free, super intuitive, and available in 6 languages.

  • Save 50 minutes per worker with safety orientations entirely from the app.
  • Save the cost of buying expensive equipment: directly stream safety and training videos.
  • Save time every day with e-documents completed, e-signed, and electronically submitted.
  • Avoid accidents with site instant emergency alerts and text messages.

Never worry about security or privacy: SkillSignal is end-to-end encryption certified by TrustGuard.


Improved safety with real-time collaboration thanks to one app for your busy field teams. Your management gets real-time workforce information and saves time every day with online inspections, automatic reports, digitized documents, safety observations, and much more.

  • Reach 100% compliance on any project.
  • 22% daily process automation, such as detailed workforce logs, dashboards, and more.
  • Save 11 hours per week on paperwork.
  • Easily find any document or information in the cloud-based library.
  • 100% paperless worksite.


SkillSignal captures 15-20X more data than any other platform, and data = power. Our web app gives you total risk control with reports & analytics for all of your projects. You have access to all the safety data, compliance statistics, daily logs, training records, subcontractor information, and much more.

  • Access workers’ records to easily investigate liability.
  • Better vetting of people and subcontractors.
  • 10% reduced time on bids and contract admin.
  • 22 one-click pre-formatted reports available anytime.
  • Real-time project safety dashboard with all leading metrics and insights.
  • Prepared for inspections and audits at any time.



Secure worker app

SkillSignal is the only platform with a mobile app designed for the individual trade worker. We directly connect the individual with your company’s or project’s safety and compliance goals. You get 100% more accurate data with real-time oversight at your fingertips

All-in-1 agility

SkillSignal is the only platform capable of digitizing all your critical daily processes. Imagine your orientations, documents, daily logs, inspections, observations reports and all your risk data centralized on 1 single platform!


SkillSignal is the most affordable platform in the market. A free-forever plan delivers incredible value and our premium plan literally costs a penny on the dollar. Easily calculate pricing and ROI here

Expert service

Impeccable service is our secret sauce. Our team of problem-solvers are here to get you up and running in less than 48 hrs. We convert clients into partners by nurturing trust and 100% satisfaction!


Our goal is to improve construction safety overall, that's why we offer a Free Forever Plan. To get you to the next level we offer the Unlimited Access Plan. It only costs 7 cents per work hour with no hidden costs. You will not only strengthen your safety, but also save more than 12 hours per week on paperwork! Here's how...

  • 50 mins/worker by shifting safety orientations to the mobile app in a preferred language.
  • 3 hours/week with digital automation: automatic workforce logs, automatic reminders and alerts, and more.
  • 4 hours/week with automated daily reports, directly emailed to you in pdf format.
  • 5 hours/week with streamlined digital modules to simplify manual and paper processes: inspections, site observations, easy document search, and more.
Additional savings:
  • $7K per year in paper and printing supplies.
  • $12K per year on wages and salaries, otherwise spent on emails and paperwork reminders and errors.
  • $14K per year on compliance penalties and legal experts




This partnership introduces a true revolution in access control to construction sites. Each entry swipe is scrutinized in real time: access is provided only to workers who’ve completed all the site’s training requirements, daily covid conditions, and safety orientations via the mobile app.

-Robert Slagel, CEO and inventor of MAC turnstiles.

Your results:
  • You are certain that only 100% compliant workers can access your jobsite.
  • You get accurate payroll reporting.
  • You get automatic workforce reports, smart analytics, and demographic statistics.
  • You experience 20% daily process automation.
  • You save 11 hours per week on paperwork.
  • You get automatic data: accurate daily workforce logs, Covid compliance, training, and much more…


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