You want total control over who can access your jobsite and need accurate information about anyone who’s on your site.

Total access control is easy with SkillSignal. When individual workers arrive at a SkillSignal site, a simple QR code scan connects them to your custom entry conditions, safety updates and daily surveys. Non-compliant workers are instantly flagged and not allowed on site. Automatic alerts and reports make it easy to know who’s on site or when a potential risk occurs.


  • Setup custom conditions for anyone who want to access your site
  • Worker gets instant compliance info on their mobile device
  • Connect worker orientation and access control conditions
  • Determine which safety video, forms and training people need to have to access your jobsite
  • Setup your custom daily survey that workers can complete in their own language at entry (Health/Covid, PPE, injuries…)
  • Get automatic alerts for non-compliant workers and safety risks
  • Easily integrate with turnstiles

SkillSignal is your secret weapon in the field.

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