Document Management & e-Signatures

Do you want to go paperless and create an instantly searchable digital library of all your safety & compliance project documents?

Eliminate the scanning and the archiving costs.Store all your documents in a centralized, searchable library and access them on any connected device!

With the SkillSignal app, ALL your forms, templates and critical documents are easily completed, e-signed and submitted on any connected device. The result? One centralized digital library where all submitted documents are automatically stored and searchable.


  • Complete inspections, job hazard analysis (JHA), site observations, incident reports, safety logs and all other forms on your smart device’s screen. Watch our videos to see how easy it is!

  • Speech-to-text: no typing required anymore!
  • Easily add photos to any document.
  • E-signatures with date & time watermark.
  • 1 single project library that automatically stores all submitted documents in pdf format. Instantly search, download, share or analyze content.
  • Real-time submissions. Shared with authorized administrative users.
  • Use the integrated SkillSignal calendar to easily schedule actions: inspections, surveys

The future of safety is all-in-1 simplicity.

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