You need to manage your subcontractors’ paperwork submissions before and at the start of your projects?

Safety plans, certificates of insurance, agreements… At the start of every construction project, there’s so much information to be collected from all subcontractors. It’s easy to be overwhelmed, confused and lose track of who has submitted what on emails and faxes! What if it took a few minutes to setup a secure portal website for your project, invite all your subcontractors at the same time and setup your custom documentation needs? And your subcontractors will love it too! No more confusion on requirements and all documentation can be uploaded through 1 single portal.


  • Setup your custom project requirements for your subcontractors: safety plans, certificates of insurance, contracts & agreements
  • Secure website and secure uploads
  • No more lost emails or complicated spreadsheets
  • Process flows included: easily approve or reject submitted documentation
  • Automatic alerts and updates
  • Easily integrate your templates and guidelines
  • Add your third-party reviewers in a 2 clicks

Process optimizations and risk reduction made easy!

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