Safety Videos

Giving a robust safety orientation to any new worker working for you, is one of the most important processes to avoid accidents.

Whether you require new workers to watch safety videos, complete paperwork, submit copies of their training cards or provide an emergency contact, shift it over from the old binder to our unique mobile app, designed for workers! Keep all digital records in 1 place, and never worry about someone’s compliance.

You set your custom safety requirements in the system and workers have access to your safety information with a simple invite code and can go through the content even before they step on your worksite!

Plus, you can easily update your safety content with changing working settings: the system will automatically check for new content every day and distribute it to workers at check-in. It’s that simple!


  • 100% confident that everyone on site is compliant
  • Save hours and $$$ on paperwork filing, scanning and archiving
  • Workers instantly stream your safety videos
  • Save 40 minutes on each worker orientation
  • Workers can fill out and e-sign orientation paperwork
  • Records of submissions are automatically stored in the cloud
  • Setup your custom requirements in less than 5 minutes
  • Workers arrive ready to go with your custom orientation completed!

The future of safety is all-in-1 simplicity.

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