You need to keep accurate track of your workforce time & attendance.

SkillSignal’s worker app is a total game-changer for the construction projects! All trade workers can download the free app on their phone and configure the interface in their preferred language. At entry and exit, a simple QR code scan is all it takes to generate a digital date & time stamp. Automate your daily workforce log: know exactly who is on your site, when they arrive and when they leave! SkillSignal stores all workforce reports in convenient pdf and spreadsheet formats, so you have access to your entire project history.


  • Accurate date and time stamps at entry and exit for each individual worker
  • No phone? No problem. SkillSignal has solutions for worker who don’t have access to a working smartphone
  • Workforce reports and archives accessible in 3 clicks
  • Know how many workers you have on site at any time
  • Field supervisors have real-time information about workers on site: when they arrived and left, professional profile
  • Create 1 intuitive process flow: combine attendance check-in with your safety requirements, custom wellness checks

Elevate jobsite safety and compliance with SkillSignal.

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