How can you convince the older generation to be more open to new technology?

“It’s difficult. The whole point of technology really should be to make things easier. If you have a product that is supposed to be offering a solution, and it’s more work than the traditional way of doing it, it’s probably not ready to be rolled out.

If it’s cutting down the amount of time that somebody had to do on that project by 25% or 50%, it should be able to sell itself. Now there’s always a learning curve to it.

I’ll tell you, having to go chase down subcontractors, make them fill out safety documentation and jobsite safety training can take a lot of time.

For example, with a safety program that could offload some of that, like I said before, time is one of our biggest issues, time management, with running the project.

Anything I can do to save myself some time over here so I can focus on solving these job issues is better for everyone, and it takes pressure off of what I do.

People that are having more of a difficult time adopting these programs, the time savings and hopefully it’s an easy to understand interface, is probably the best way to get them to opt in and start using things like that.”

– Joe Shea, NYC Superintendent.

Luckily for all project teams, SkillSignal is the only all-in-one safety and compliance solution for construction.

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