Municipalities, Townships, Counties, Chambers Of Commerce

Field Operations For Local Government

Mobile apps to closely manage daily COVID-19 health screening and employee health & safety.

  • Manage Employees’ professional credentials, certifications and licenses

  • Contactless daily COVID-19 health screening for employees and visitors

  • Automatic daily tracing logs of everyone who’s entered your premises

Support Your OSHA Compliance & Insurance Processes.

  • Know your Workers & Subcontractors

  • Easier inspection compliance and avoid penalties or fines

  • Reduce legal expenses and no overpaying with timecards

Use Innovative Tech To Increase Efficiency.

  • Streamline your workplace operations to reduce risks, failures and accidents

  • Instant mass communication between Office and Employees

  • Eliminate countless hours of manual paperwork

How It Works

Free mobile app for workers, offered in 6 languages 

Utilize your own device = no expensive hardware

Receive safety alerts, certification reminders, and weather updates

Access library of documents and save to worker profile 

Manage your skills, trades, employer and certifications 

Versatile QR laminates to control access and equipment usage

Instant messaging with auto translation

Scan workers's in using cellphone number or personal QR code

Supports critical workforce processes, saving 6x more on paperwork

Access daily logs and live counter for full visibility of who's active on site

Reduce risk and liability over time with a digital database 

Streamline your workforce processes 

Automatic daily reports for easy access 

Keep all site data in one centralized location 

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SKILLSIGNAL uses its unique expertise to create the leading field operations & compliance tech for high-risk workplaces.

Used by Contractors, Manufacturers, and Municipalities across the US to simplify, automate and organize field processes, win more business, save time and money. Fast, Mobile, Economical.

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