Department of Buildings Announces Safety Sweeps

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

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DOB Announces Safety Sweeps after Three Deaths:

*An estimated 5,000 construction sites across the five boroughs will be scrutinized with the deployment of more than 90 DOB inspectors. Safety sweeps with be conducted to educate workers about the importance of construction site-safety.

Source: Crain's New York


Procore Safety Qualified-

· Program contains 3 courses, each centered around keeping your jobsite safe:

  • Confined Spaces

  • Silica Exposure

  • Heat Hazards

How to get started:

1. Fill out the form to register for the Procore Safety Qualified program.

2. Receive your registration confirmation through email.

3. Follow the link to the Procore Safety Qualified courses.

4. Take the courses.

5. Once you have completed all 3 Procore Safety Qualified courses, you’ll be directed to fill out a request form to receive your Procore Safety Qualified hardhat sticker.

6. Adhere your sticker to your hard hat to show your commitment to the safety of yourself and others on the jobsite.

Source: Procore

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