Introduction To Lean Project Management (Scrum or Kanban) And Which Industries Use It

With its minimal waste plan and maximized efficiency, Lean project management has become popular with many industries over the past few years. This is because Lean tackles several issues and shortcomings in production and ensures an increase in customer satisfaction.

To get a better understanding of this approach, let’s explore what exactly it is and its core principles.

What Is Lean Project Management?

The main focus of Lean project management is to minimize waste and maximize efficiency. Lean is all about working smarter and not harder.

In essence, Lean is about creating more value for the customer with fewer resources. The aim is to think and work from the perspective of the consumer and how to deliver value to them. Lean project management, therefore, makes it easier to see what adds value to a project and what does not. This eliminates waste and ensures that projects deliver more value.

The Lean philosophy is used in many industries such as software development, engineering, the construction industry, and even healthcare. This is because Lean is an easily adaptable project management approach that allows for enhanced efficiency and the elimination of waste.

There are five key principles of Lean thinking that apply to the project management approach. If a project applies these Lean thinking principles, it can be considered a Lean project. But approaches can differ based on how much weight is placed on different principles.

The Benefits Of Lean Project Management

There are many benefits to using Lean in the workplace. One of the main benefits is that there is a reduced lead time on work. You can also expect greater efficiency and productivity along with increased customer satisfaction.

Lean focuses on value from the customers’ perspective which, therefore, cuts down on project waste and optimizes efficiency. Lean is constantly improving the project process to ensure that the end product satisfies all the customers’ needs. You can utilize various management software applications that can help guide your overall project management.

Principles Of Lean Project Management

There are five core principles that apply to Lean project management:

1. Understand or Identify Value