People, Organizations, And Social Media Accounts That Matter In The World Of Lean Construction

The world of lean construction is an ever-growing one. More and more people are realizing (and capitalizing on) the benefits of lean thinking. The safety and compliance, risk management and efficiency that result from implementing lean are hard to beat. In a nutshell, a lean approach to construction emphasizes the minimization of waste. It diminishes the waste of time, money, resources, and effort.

Of course, lean thinking is always developing and improving. There are many resources that you can access to keep up to date on how to best implement lean practices.

In this article, we will explore some of the people, organizations, and social media accounts that matter in the world of lean construction. A better understanding of these can truly help you to learn more about lean thinking and how best to implement it!

Leading Organizations in the Lean Construction Industry

There are a number of organizations that are dedicated to promoting lean thinking and practices across the construction industry. Here are some that provide information, resources, and even training.

Lean Construction Institute

The Lean Construction Institute is a college that aims to educate and inform on a lean approach to construction. They describe their mission to be to “transform the fragmented design and construction industry through lean thinking, tools and technology”.

Lean Construction Blog

This blog is all about advancing and promoting lean construction around the world. They share articles and encourage debate, knowledge sharing, and inspiration. Their mission is to improve the construction industry on a global scale.


Shift2Lean is an organization that offers interactive lean development sessions. Their target market is other organizations or individual projects that are looking for help in delivering greater value in their lean construction endeavors.

Lean Construction Advisory

The Lean Construction Advisory offers the help of specialists that can advise and support all levels of lean construction. Their mission is to assist their clients in undergoing full lean transformations when it comes to their construction projects.

Lean Rise

Lean Rise is an organization that strives to revolutionize the construction industry through the implementation of lean thinking. Ultimately, they hope to promote sustainability and increase project efficiency.

Lean IPD

Lean IPD’s mission is to share information and best practices in the world of lean construction. It aims to improve the outcomes of projects and offers case studies, resources, courses, and a blog.

Lean Construction Ireland

Lean Construction Ireland is recognized in the construction sector as a leader in the promotion of Lean. This organization is a voluntary, not-for-profit association. They make materials and resources on lean thinking freely available for people and projects.

Prominent People In The World Of Lean Construction

Lean Construction is nothing without the people that make it possible. Here, we detail just a few of the prominent people in the world of lean construction. These are people who are dedicated to the promotion of lean thinking and practices in the construction sector.

Eric Ahlstrom

Eric Ahlstrom works at Amgen, one of the world’s largest biotech companies, as the Lean Leader and Senior Manager of Engineering Projects. He leads Lean Construction implementation and previously led Lean transformation in manufacturing.

Paul Akers

Paul Akers is the CEO of FastCap and the author of 2 Second Lean. He educates and informs people about lean thinking on Youtube. Akers is also an enthusiast when it comes to promoting lean and continuous improvement for people’s projects worldwide.

Bernita Beikmann

Bernita Beikmann is on the Board of the Lean Construction Institute. She is known as a lean design advocate and works as the Principal and Chief Process Officer at HKS. Beikmann and her team monitor compliance and manage process improvements for HKS.

Felipe Engineer-Manriquez

Engineer-Manriquez is the Lean Director at McCarthy. He works to promote Lean continuous improvement principles not only within McCarthy but also among project participants across the lean construction industry.

James Pease

James Pease is the executive editor of Lean IPD. He uses Lean Integrated Project Delivery to build and develop projects. These projects include ground-up medical centers, tenant improvements, and mission-critical infrastructure.

David MacNeel

MacNeel is the founder of On Point Lean Consulting and a coach on all things lean construction. He coaches across the US as well as internationally. MacNeel helps people and projects to implement lean thinking, the Last Planner® System, and Integrated Project Delivery.

Social Media Accounts On Lean Construction

In today’s world, social media is everything. It helps to increase visibility and promote ease of use and access to information. These are just a few of the social media accounts linked to the leading organizations in the lean construction industry. Following these can keep you updated and knowledgeable on all things lean.

Lean Construction Institute on Instagram and Twitter

These are the social media Instagram and Twitter accounts for the Lean Construction Institute. Here, they provide updates on the courses that they offer. They also provide information and resources relevant to lean construction.

Lean Construction Blog on Facebook

The Facebook page for the Lean Construction Blog helps its followers to keep up to date on all their new posts. This page also makes it easier for people interested in lean construction to share, learn, and connect.

They also regularly post updates about different online conferences and sessions happening in the world of lean construction.

Lean Construction Ireland on Twitter

On Twitter, Lean Construction Ireland aims to keep its followers up to date in all things concerning Lean Thinking and Practices. The page provides resources from multiple organizations to help educate and inform others.

Final Thoughts

If you want to implement lean thinking and practices in your construction projects, it is a good idea to know all about who’s who in the field. It’s also useful to know how best to access information and resources that can better your understanding of lean. Quite often on social media, companies will provide insight to the different software they are using. For example a strong Lean company may speak praise of a time tracking app, site safety app, construction compliance software, or even an all inclusive construction management software program. By staying intune with current leader of the lean method, you become aware of the different tools that can help you too.

With SkillSignal, you can go one step further by accessing an easy way of simplifying efficiency, safety and compliance in your construction projects. The use of SkillSignal’s construction management software can help you to start using lean construction principles right away.

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