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Safety Signals Digest – Week of 11/23/2020

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EHS Today recently published an opinion piece from Kyle Peacock, CEO of Peacock Construction, a San Francisco-based construction company. The article explains how digital check-in apps for COVID-19 like SkillSignal have made a difference.

"These apps streamline the health screening process by having employees log in via their smartphones to answer questions based on CDC guidelines and local mandates. And they’re simple to use."

Mr Peacock continues: "Essentially, an employee walks up to a designated check-in area, points their smartphone at a QR-coded poster to check in, and answers questions for the health screening. They get instant notification on whether they’re allowed to enter their site. Their boss and HR also get real-time alerts and access to tracing logs."

Mr Peacock concludes that, after using the app for several months, other unexpected benefits came along:

  1. Streamlining the check-in process at the start of the day reduces the admin burden.

  2. Digital records also let you know who is on site at any given moment, including visitors.

  3. You can avoid fines and penalties by digitizing and centralizing records.

  4. The system may also record accurate entry and exit times.

  5. Most available apps are in line with HIPAA guidelines and protect health and personal information.

Contact us at if you're looking to test or purchase a digital check-in app with COVID-19 survey. We're running promotions until the end of the month.



In this exhausting health crisis, EHS professionals are more necessary than ever in Manufacturing, Construction, Local Government, Logistics and other essential industries. Are you looking for a new opportunity or a fresh start?

Several websites specialize in EHS careers and include an online job board with tons of opportunities. We found and list the best resources for you:

  1. ASSP Career Center On its portal, the American Society Of Safety Professionals is currently posting 4,000+ open positions. Easily search by location, industry and experience level and apply online.

  2. Safety Knights is a very active group of safety professionals. Their website has a dedicated job board with frequently updated opportunities.

  3. Shirley Parsons is a global leader in EHS recruitment and career development. Their website is loaded with great insights on how to advance a career in EHS and has its online job board with opportunities posted around the world.

  4. EHS Careers is another great website filled with resources and online opportunities.




Newsletters are a great way to stay efficiently updated on important news, research and expert opinions on your favorite subjects.

Fortunately, the EHS industry counts great newsletters where you'll be able to find what you need to know to stay on top of your game.

Here are a few newsletters we particularly recommend. Click on the links to go directly to the online subscription page!

  1. OSHA QUICK TAKES: OSHA's biweekly online newsletter provides the latest news about enforcement actions, regulation, outreach activities, compliance assistance, and training and educational resources.

  2. EHS TODAY: Signup to receive industry news, trends, best practices and thought leadership

  3. OH&S ONLINE: Get the biggest news in occupational health & safety delivered automatically to your inbox. Occupational Health & Safety Magazine Newsletter details the latest industry happenings, as well as recent columns, whitepapers and product reviews.



On November 18, OSHA posted an update to its Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to answer the question of whether it considers cloth face coverings to be PPE.

According to OH&S, "this update arrives after CDC determined that some cloth face coverings protect the wearers as well as people around them.".

There is still a lot of research being done on different masks efficiency and how they protect the wearer and the surrounding people from droplets. Impressive video shows the difference:



The American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) posted the 50th episode of its popular safety podcast series "THE CASE FOR SAFETY".

Follow this link to listen to Episode 50 (43 minues).


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