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SkillSignal is the fast-growing EHS collaboration app made for high-risk workplaces. SkillSignal instantly creates 1 collaborative platform where tradesworkers, foremen and supervisors can easily work together to control field health, risk, safety and compliance.


The entire SkillSignal Team are avid listeners of podcasts and our interests range from Business (Pivot, Business Wars) to History (Hardcore History). From Comedy (Conan O'Brien) to News (Planet Money) and from Technology (Sixteen Minutes) to Roleplaying Games (How We Roll).

The subject of Safety is served by incredibly talented podcasters and we thought it'd be useful to share our shortlist with you. So hopefully, we can help you find something great for your next commute, workout or morning walk. We also want to give these anchors a well-deserved shoutout for what they do for the Safety and Industrial community. These people are passionate voices and we can't thank them enough for keeping us informed, inspired and sharing the love for what they do!!

1. The Safety Justice League. This is a great starting point for anyone looking to get inspired about EHS. The mission of this great show is to provide a voice for great ideas in worker safety and a platform that transcends the tired safety slogans plastered on worksites by mindless safety drones.

2. Safety With Purpose from Safeopedia. We love this show! Focused on safety leadership and building a safety culture inside any organization. Excellent Interviews make this entertaining and educational at the same time!

3. The Safety Pro, with Blaine Hoffmann. Another classic we never miss! Helps you keep up with regulatory updates and provides you with all the relevant information necessary to achieve a safer, more productive workplace.

5. Safety Culture Excellence, with Shawn Galloway. This is a weekly podcast series by ProAct Safety designed to support your efforts towards excellence in performance and culture.

6. The EBFC Show, with SkillSignal's very own advisor, Felipe Engineer-Manriquez. Felipe is a globally recognized leader on Agile & Lean Building methods. Lean Building matters greatly to EHS as it can reduce injury and accident up to 50% compared with traditional construction methods. Felipe posts his interviews which are full of personal stories and anecdotes, making it one of the most insightful shows.



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