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Safety Signals Digest – Week of 9/1/2020

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1. We loved this top story: Using the Military’s OODA Loop to Improve Construction Safety

Written by Stokes McIntyre, President of MindForge. Published in

The article is a step-by-step guide on why and how to integrate the US Military's "Observe, Orient, Decide and Act" (OODA) loop for safety huddles to make a difference on construction projects and prevent accidents and injury. Don't miss it!


2. We're mesmerized by: 1940's New York Street View

This one's less about safety than for the EHS pros who share our love for history. And when history looks like Google Streetview timetraveled to the middle of last century, things get 100% fascinating. Between 1939 and 1941, several City Departments collaborated to collect photographs of every building in the five boroughs of New York City. In 2018, the NYC Municipal Archives completed the digitization and tagging of these photos. This website places them on a map. The photos are fairly high quality and include a lot of people, which makes it properly mesmerizing.


3. We're celebrating: Gribbins Insulation from Evansville, IN

The multi-generational family company was started in 1985 by Jim Gribbins. The group is specialized in commercial and industrial mechanical insulation and employs 200 people across Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois. Gribbins has a remarkable safety record and recently became the recipient of the 2020 Safety Leader Award and a Platinum NIA* Safety Excellence Award. Follow them and drop them some congrats on Twitter

*National Insulation Association


4. We're following safety influencers: Linda Tapp, CSP, CPTD

Linda is the a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) with 30 years of experience. She's an influencer who published over 50 articles in professional and trade publications. She founded SafetyFUNdamentals where she releases great materials for made for safety professionals. What makes them different? Tons of images and infographics. When learning, the human brain retains so much more when the subject is communicated with visual images. Her expanded book "Hazard Hunt" is extra cool and is like a "find the seven differences" for safety professionals: important and fun! Linda is also on LinkedIn.


5. We're listening to: AGC's ConstructorCast just released a special episode "Built On Safety" to help you prepare for Safety Week (Sept 14-18)

Do you want to contribute? Have an announcement or an award to celebrate? Let us know and we'll make sure to feature your story in the next issue of Safety Signals.

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