SafetySignals SPECIAL - For Safety People, By Safety People. 2020 - WK41

Safety Signals Digest – Week of 10/5/2020

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The SkillSignal team decided to do something different this week. To celebrate SkillSignal's 2 years, we got on the phone with our clients and asked them:



SkillSignal is growing fast: 300+ worksites across the country ; 11,000+ worker profiles and an increasing number of clients across Construction, Local Government and Manufacturing. The success is attributed to our unique productivity apps, but also to our deep commitment to solve client problems and provide peace of mind.

FOCUS ON PRODUCT by Boris M., Superintendent on projects in NY and NJ:

I started using SkillSignal in 2019, before the health crisis. It took me less than a day to get familiar with the system. It's intuitive for everyone: the app is made of tiles and each tile does something. It's impossible to get lost! My absolute favorite is the dedicated Supervisor app on my phone. It gives me instant access to the real-time information I need on the go: how many people on site, subcontractor information, worker profiles and access rights, reports, notes... everything is in 1 place all the time.

TOP EXPERIENCE: recently, we had a small fire on a jobsite. It was quickly under control, but we had some smoke and a persistent smell that made workers worried. In no time, we used SkillSignal to send a text message to the entire staff on the job, informing them about the situation. I noticed people instantly going back to work. That level of communication is only available with technology.

2. FOCUS ON EFFICIENCY by Paul S., Director Of Field Operations, NYC