The Best Articles To Read If You Want To Know More About Lean Construction

Lean thinking has turned the construction industry on its head. After all, the minimization of waste is key to success in many things - including construction. A lean approach to the industry focuses on the minimization of time, money, resources, and effort.

Ultimately, this minimization of waste leads to increased efficiency with regard to time, costs, and more. So how can we find out more about this way of thinking? You can check out different podcasts, organizations, and people that advocate for lean thinking to gain a better understanding.

If you’re more of a reader, however, the following list is for you. Below, we outline 8 different foundational articles. You can read these to build an understanding of lean construction, and ultimately apply these practices for yourself.

8 Foundational Articles That Will Help You Get A Good Understanding Of Lean Construction

1. What is Lean Construction and Why You Should Care by Esub Construction Software

This great introductory article is perfect if you are looking to gain some knowledge on the key points that make up what lean construction is and how it operates.

Here, you will find short lists of the essential characteristics, principles, and benefits of lean construction. All in an article that takes less than 5 minutes to read! Check it out as a starting point if you are just starting to learn about lean construction.

2. 6 Principles of Lean Construction by KaiNexus

There are 6 main principles to keep in mind when approaching the construction industry with a lean methodology. They are as follows

  • identify value from the customer’s point of view

  • define the value stream

  • eliminate waste

  • keep a flow of work processes

  • pull planning and scheduling

  • and engage in continuous improvement.

This article explains each principle in detail, helping you to build a foundation from which to begin.

3. What is Lean Construction? by LetsBuild

This informative article, by LetsBuild, packs a lot of information in one. Read this to find out everything you need to know about lean construction:

  • its main principles

  • the philosophy of lean

  • and what a lean construction schedule looks like.

The article also discusses a new approach to the design work and curve of construction, and how this ties in to lean. It’s a good one to read if you are interested in the statistics behind the industry.

4. Benefits of Lean Construction by Digital Builder

This particular article is a fantastic one to read if you are a visual learner. It provides the reader with a detailed and informative infographic of lean construction in action.

Not only this but it also goes into detail on how lean thinking and construction meet. You’ll find out which core practices you need to know and, of course, the benefits of putting all of this into action. It ends off with giving some great advice on how to start embracing lean construction, too!

5. Building Lean: Lean Construction in Practice by Four Principles

This article, by Four Principles, delves deep into why lean practices are gaining traction and popularity. It gives a startling statistic: 70% of construction projects today are completed both late and over budget.

The solution to this is the lean methodology. Lean improves efficiency, minimizes waste, and even boosts morale.

Read this article if you want to find out how lean can solve delays and prevent you from going over budget. It will inform you on how your involvement in lean thinking can really change your outcomes in the industry for the better.

6. An Introduction to Lean Construction by Buildings Guide

Buildings Guide really explains all you need to know on a foundational level when starting to embrace lean construction. This article talks about what lean construction is, what the benefits are, and what the drawbacks can be.

This can really help you to make an informed decision when making the shit to this type of thinking - especially because it provides the reader with a comparison between lean and other construction methods you may already be using.

You can also find information on books, resources, and frequently asked questions. Overall, this article is a fantastic foundation.

7. Building With a Purpose: An Introduction to Lean Construction by LSU Online

If you are looking to find out more about the history of lean construction and how it operates in today’s world, look no further than this quick and informative article.

Find out about how lean construction and lean thinking can lead to you really “building with a purpose”. You can also find out a few things about how to study lean construction through Louisiana State University online.

Overall, if you are seeking somewhere to build upon your knowledge, this could very well be the introductory article for you.

8. Six Ways for Construction Professionals to Lean Into Lean Construction by

Construction Executive

Once you have gained the necessary foundational knowledge on what exactly lean construction is, you can read this great article that tells you six ways to “lean in” to lean construction and really apply the principles you have learned about.

It recommends that you:

  • shift your mindset

  • increase collaboration

  • understand the technology

  • break the mold

  • keep up with the industry

  • and over-communicate.

Ultimately, this article goes into detail on what you need to do if you are moving from one kind of construction to lean.

Final Thoughts

The shift to lean construction can be simple and easy as long as you are well informed and have a good foundation from which to work from. Reading these 8 articles can really help you to improve your own knowledge and allow for a successful shift into the application of lean principles.

SkillSignal can help make things simple for you! With a unique construction management software bundle, SkillSignal makes it easy for you to apply lean practices today! SkillSignal allows you to have access to safety & compliance information, employee time tracking information, a risk management plan, and even access control systems all in one app. Check out our website to find out more about SkillSignal construction compliance software, can help you to apply lean thinking principles and keep track of the progress of your own projects.

Always keep in mind that lean is the future of the construction industry. By starting to apply it now, you will be able to reap and recognize the benefits in no time!

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