Top Podcasts To Learn All About Lean Construction

Thinking lean when it comes to construction is taking the industry by storm. More and more people are recognizing (and reaping) the benefits of a lean approach to construction.

Lean construction refers to the minimization of the waste of four things: time, money, resources, and effort. To “think lean” is to apply the principles that lean construction adheres to. Ultimately, lean enables you to take a more effective approach to construction projects.

There are a number of great ways to find out more about lean thinking: blogs, YouTube videos, and, of course, podcasts. Podcasts are a fantastic way to learn more about virtually any topic, and lean construction is no exception!

7 Great Podcasts To Listen To If You Want To Learn More About Lean Construction

If you’re looking for some good podcasts to listen to on lean construction, then look no further. We have compiled a list of seven great podcasts about lean construction that you can try out.

1. Construction Industry Podcast with Cesar Abeid

Cesar Abeid hosts this podcast that deals with all things construction. This podcast series has 52 great episodes that you can listen to. These podcasts provide you with tips, trends, and interviews relevant to the construction sector.

The host, Abeid, is a Project Management Professional. He is also an author, professional speaker, business coach and consultant, and entrepreneur.

One of the episodes is titled ‘What is Lean Construction? Greg Howell Explains’. Greg Howell is the co-founder and president of the Lean Construction Institute. In this interview, he details exactly what lean construction is, and how it came about. It’s the perfect podcast to listen to if you are in need of an introduction to the world of lean thinking in construction.

2. AGC Podcast

The Associated General Constructors of America host the AGC podcast. This is a podcast that aims to help educate people on the construction industry by providing resources, training, and data. The AGC itself is one of the leading associations for the industry in America. It works with some of America’s leading general contractors and specialty-contracting firms.

The AGC podcast has an episode called ‘Increasing Lean Construction Engagement on the Jobsite’. This episode features three lean practitioners and advocates (Henry Nutt, Keyan Zandy, and Joe Donarumo). They talk all about the Builder’s Lean model and how it can produce a positive change on construction projects.

You will also learn about how lean engagement on construction job sites can reduce waste and increase value.

3. Lean Blog Interviews with Mark Graban

Mark Graban hosts a great podcast that you can find on the Lean Blog. Graban is an advocate for lean thinking and a successful author on lean in hospitals, businesses, and our world. His podcast aims to educate and inform. As such, it often includes interviews with prominent people in the lean construction industry.

One of the episodes that you can listen to is episode #130, which also features Greg Howell of the Lean Construction Institute. Here, Howell and Graban discuss:

  • lean design and construction methods

  • parallels to general lean thinking

  • and lessons learned in the industry.

4. Construction Business Insights for Contractors

CONEXPO-CON/AGG Radio hosts this podcast to provide contractors with updated and relevant construction business insights to help them on their projects. They often host prominent people in the construction industry to interview and gain knowledge from.

In their episode ‘Adopting Lean Construction Principles’, Michael Carr (president of MOCA’s software products division, Touchplan) joins the interviewers to speak about lean construction. This podcast deals with the future of lean construction and what kinds of obstacles and benefits the industry presents.

5. Gemba Podcast

Gemba podcast is hosted by the Gemba Academy. Gemba is an online training center that specializes in flexible training and expert coaching on all things lean. Their podcast reflects their lean principles. They often release episodes that aim to develop listener knowledge and understanding.

One great episode that you can access is ‘The Lean Construction Movement with Hal Macomber’. Macomber is a lean project consultant and author of the book series “Mastering Lean Leadership”. Here, he speaks with host, Ron Pereira, about the lean construction movement and the Last Planner System.

6. The EBFC Show with Felipe Engineer-Manriquez

Felipe Engineer-Manriquez is the Lean Director at McCarthy. He works to promote Lean continuous improvement principles across the industry. He hosts a podcast called the EBFC Show (Easier, Better, Faster Construction) to share his knowledge and insights with listeners.

His podcast can be accessed on YouTube. The series is mainly focused on lean thinking and principles. He also covers topics like emotional intelligence on the jobsite and building mental health in the industry. You can follow this link to access some of his Lean Shorts. These quick videos aim to help you to achieve more with less effort.

7. The Constructrr Podcast with Brittanie Campbell-Turner

Brittanie Campbell-Turner hosts The Constructrr Podcast. This podcast is all about giving a voice to and shining a spotlight on companies and individuals who are influencing the construction industry. They interview people who utilize lean approaches as a basis for their company’s values and visions.

There are a number of great episodes that you can access from The Constructrr Project. These deal with topics ranging from the future of robotics to how to promote and maintain a healthy workplace. Guests are typically those who use lean construction principles to help humanity and foster an environment of empowerment.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that lean thinking is becoming revolutionary in the construction industry. Not only does it promote the minimization of waste, but it also advocates for the maximization of value. These podcasts can provide ideas for better safety management, better employee time tracking, and improved risk management plans. All these things and more contribute to the lean process and implementation.

As such, many people are doing more and more research into how best to apply this kind of thinking. While this may seem like an overwhelming task, there are some things you can do to increase your knowledge and help your application. In addition to listening to the podcasts mentioned above, using apps like SkillSignal to apply lean principles in practice can make applying lean to your projects that much easier. SkillSignal provides an inclusive construction management software program. With the use of site safety apps, time tracking apps, and construction safety software you could easily implement lean practices today.

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