Construction Safety in 2023:
Construction’s Fatality and Injury Statistics

Despite progress in safety equipment and training, the Construction industry bears the reputation of being incredibly dangerous for its11 million U.S. workers. For example, roughly 20% of worker fatalities in the U.S. are in Construction however, construction workers represent just 6% of the U.S. labor force.

We're compiling a list of sourced statistics about construction safety. At SkillSignal, we’re obsessed with data, and we’re committed to improving Construction by using innovation to make safety a collaborative and gratifying experience for everyone involved.

Construction Fatality and Injury Statistics

We’ve compiled a list of statistics to illustrate just how dangerous construction is, and give us a common goal to strive for. We are committing to the change we want to see in this industry, by making safety and compliance a frictionless and gratifying experience for everyone involved.

Here is why the safety and the wellbeing of our men and women is a top priority for us: