One of SkillSignal’s unique differentiators is its dedicated Supervisor App, available on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The app is a powerful dashboard and mobile control unit that sits comfortably in the hands of any designated Supervisor, Field Manager, Project Coordinator or Security Guard. 


At any time, the app keeps an accurate count of employees, workers and visitors on site, making emergency situations more manageable. With 2 taps on any mobile device, the approved supervisor can access a more detailed professional profile of each worker on site and spot-check individual access status, training credentials, safety training, emergency contact information and quickly verify compliance against all site requirements.


The Supervisor app also provides access to site daily reports, with a large history archive available. Check daily information or manage an inspection directly from a mobile device, with access to all critical workforce information at any time. A simple process also makes it easy to add notes, photos or documentation to the daily report so it becomes the central document of reference, accurately capturing who entered and what was happening at your site every day.


The Supervisor app is a powerful digital document manager on site that looks to replace most paper forms and eliminate exhausting administrative processes. Toolbox talks, time and attendance, JHA & Pre-task: share, annotate, sign and submit these forms and documents directly from your screen and find them in a searchable archive at any time.


Finally the Supervisor app makes it easy for any Supervisor to support and assist individual workers and employees who are less tech-savvy or don’t have access to a mobile device. Available modules will make it easy to create a profile for a new worker or employee, take health screening questions or manage crew members.


Total Mobile Control