Top GC Uses SkillSignal To End Jobsite Harassment

As a global community, we have been through so much in the past 18 months. The health and safety of family, friends and coworkers is anchored at the heart of everything we do.

Imagine the horror of our client, a top US General Contractor, when a female security guard became the victim of intolerable harassment on one of their largest construction projects. Because the prestigious company built itself on a century-long history of integrity, inclusivity and excellence, it ordered the offender to be identified and expelled immediately.

Typically, security would have had difficulty tracking down one individual immediately on a massive jobsite. This client’s project sees a mancount of 250+ workers daily, and it would normally have taken hours or days to investigate and identify one individual. Fortunately, SkillSignal’s safety & compliance platform was already implemented on this project and helped expedite the process in an astonishing timeline of 2 hours.

The SkillSignal Team helped cross-reference data that’s automatically captured with our mobile site safety app. The Project Team was able to narrow down the time frame to the exact moment this incident took place by following the softwares employee time tracking. Within minutes they were able to pull up the records of all the men and women that logged electronically within that time frame. Using photos from the required online construction safety orientation on our mobile apps, they were able to identify the individual and reassure the victim that she would be safe. Further investigation confirmed inappropriate behavior, and within a few hours the individual was banned from entering the GC’s projects nationwide (also recorded in SkillSignal). Knowing exactly who is on your job site at all times has never been so important in managing a safe and secure project for your clients, your employees, and your trade partners.

SkillSignal is the fastest growing all-in-1 safety & compliance platform in Construction, trusted by 25,000 users on 400+ jobsites across the US. SkillSignal exists to serve EHS leaders and protect the health and safety of hardworking people in Construction.

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