Increase control, visibility and security at your worksite or building. SkillSignal offers one of the best site access and workforce management solutions in the market.


Automate access and compliance for all workers. Know who’s on site, what valid training and certifications they have and how they comply with mandatory regulation and your own requirements.


SkillSignal seamlessly integrates with access control hardware: full-size turnstiles, gates and has even developed a full-size access kiosk. 


1. Access and Safety Kiosk: SkillSignal developed a patent pending full-size kiosk. It comes pre-loaded with SkillSignal access and scanning software, a wireless cellular connection and up to 8 hour battery life. Just plug in and start using. A large screen makes it easy to consult quick information such as profiles and an instant count of how many people are on site at any time in case of emergency. The kiosk can be outfitted with optional sensors (smoke, noise, temperature) and security systems (camera, alarm). The kiosk is ideal for high-traffic areas: its industrial scanner works seamlessly with SkillSignal’s apps. Workers can just scan and enter. The system automatically checks every individual for required certifications, training cards, and other mandatory requirements to make sure your project stays 100% compliant and safe. The SkillSignal Safety Kiosk is the ideal solution for high-complexity projects that want to stay in control of their budget and profitability. 


2. Full-size turnstiles: SkillSignal partners directly with several leading US turnstile manufacturers to deliver a 100% turnkey solution to any project. The seamless combination between the turnstiles and SkillSignal’s technology is extremely powerful and allows to regulate access, exclude individuals who create safety concerns on site, and spot-check anyone who entered the site. The turnstiles also allow to keep accurate time checks on everyone entering and exiting the site and make payroll much easier. Custom access conditions can be set: e.g. you may require every worker to have particular training or OSHA certifications. Without meeting these conditions, workers will be unable to access your site. Call us to learn more and discuss your safety and security concerns.