Our system of technologies provides the most enhanced form of digital screenings for your oncoming staff and laborers, offered in multiple languages. Employers have the ability to customize and control what questions are distributed through the worker application, with automatic alerts for potential risk. Daily reporting covers compliance needs while digital logs represent real-time survey status.

1. Instant text messages to keep workers updated on a daily basis. Auto-translation from ENG to 6 other languages.

2. Video upload and distribution to workers to update on health & safety protocols even before they get on site.

3. 1-scan clock-in to site with personal phone. Avoid touching, physical proximity, shared pens & paper... 

4. Automatic daily logs of attendance (DOB compliant): know who was there and when.

5. Workers can upload clean bill of health in there profile.

6. Daily Health Assessment from (3 questions) at scan-in