Empowering Construction Safety: Key Insights from SkillSignal & Arcoro’s Collaborative White Paper

SkillSignal, in collaboration with Arcoro, has co-authored an essential white paper, “Nail Better Workplace Safety: 5 Ways to Empower Employees to Avoid Construction Accidents.”

This document is a treasure trove of insights for enhancing safety in the construction industry.

Arcoro & SkillSignal white paper on workplace safety

Key highlights include:

  1. Comprehensive Training for Enhanced Safety: The white paper discusses the undeniable link between effective training and increased workplace safety. Since the inception of OSHA in 1972, there has been a notable improvement in safety, yet the construction sector continues to face challenges.
  2. Innovative Learning Methods: Emphasizes the role of online video-based learning, accessible 24/7 on any device, catering to a multilingual workforce. This approach includes:
    • Embedded assessments
    • Training in multiple languages
    • Toolbox talks for real-time field reinforcement
  3. Cultivating a Safety Culture: The importance of establishing a safety-conscious environment is highlighted, starting from an employee’s first day. Strategies include:
    • Regular, inclusive safety training for all team members
    • A buddy system for new hires
    • Recognition and rewards for safety adherence
  4. Safety as a Core Performance Metric: Integrating safety into performance evaluations to reinforce its importance and ensure ongoing commitment.
  5. Partnership Benefits: The white paper showcases how SkillSignal’s comprehensive safety and compliance solutions, combined with Arcoro’s HR expertise, create a more controlled and secure environment. This synergy leads to:
    • Better oversight and risk identification
    • Streamlined field data collection
    • Immediate accessibility of critical safety and training information

This collaboration between SkillSignal and Arcoro marks a significant stride in promoting a safer, more compliant, and efficient construction industry. The white paper serves as a guide for companies looking to elevate their safety standards and practices.

Click here to download the white paper now.

Arcoro & SkillSignal white paper on workplace safety
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