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General Contractors across the nation are using SkillSignal to conquer all of their safety and compliance challenges. SkillSignal is your ideal all-in-one solution because it connects every single individual on your project together, and that’s what makes us different. Every single worker on site, every single foreman, superintendent, project manager, architect, and consultant is connected and aligned with your safety goals and requirements giving you total oversight and control.

Features General Contractors Love:


Hundreds of Specialty Contractors across the nation are using SkillSignal to conquer their safety and compliance challenges. SkillSignal offers an all-in-one solution to house your entire safety program. This gives you total control over your entire workforce through data, reports, and analytics. Specialty contractors love SkillSignal because it makes collaboration with General Contractors seamless, and makes their bids more attractive.

Features Specialty Contractors Love:


What does the Javits Center, the city of Newark, and David L. Lawrence Convention Center have in common? They all use SkillSignal’s all-in-one solution to manage their entire workforce’s safety and compliance requirements.

Features Convention Centers Love:


You own all of your data. We do not claim, share, or sell your information. We simply make it easier for you to digest, and understand your metrics. We even store it for you for 10+ years, no matter what.


Turnstiles provide security and control of traffic on and off your worksite or your building. SkillSignal’s apps integrate seamlessly with turnstiles systems, providing access control like never before. In real time, SkillSignal verifies every worker on each admission against all your (daily) health screening, background vetting and safety requirements and can send text messages with alerts. Let our management software increase your efficiencies and accountability!


We are here to make your life as easy as possible. Already using a construction management software? We would be happy to integrate with whatever system you’re using.

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