What Is The Biggest Challenge Of Being A Superintendent?

I would definitely say organization and time management. When I first started, I was always overwhelmed with how much work needed to be done in a day.

I would almost never be able to get through everything. I might have two sheets of legal pad paper of what I have to work through, and maybe I’ve worked through a sheet or sheet and a half of it.

The next day comes and I’m thinking, “Oh well, I’ll just finish it up.”

Before I know it, I walk on the job site, I’ve got issues hitting me left and right. So I don’t even get to get to those old issues.

By lunchtime, I’ve got two more legal pad papers filled with issues that I got to make sure I’m addressing.

I learned pretty quickly that a good super understands how to keep a running list of issues, you’re always reprioritizing and re-sorting them.

The urgent ones, sometimes you have to stop, and you could be in the middle of solving some major issue on your job, but there are times you just have to drop everything that you’re doing and go take care of something else.

It’s knowing how and when to prioritize issues and work down them. Sometimes you got to work late and even when you work late, you’re not going to get through all of them.

Making sure that before you end the day, all the major important issues have been addressed before you leave for the day.

And then the other part of that is just making sure that, when something comes up, you try to take care of it right then. If you don’t, those other issues will pile on and then it just becomes one more thing that you have to take care of.”

– Joseph Shea, NYC Superintendent

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