Enhancing Safety in Boston’s Construction Sites: The New Ordinance

As of December 1, 2023, the Boston Construction Safety Ordinance brings a significant shift towards reinforcing safety at construction and demolition sites.

SkillSignal supports these vital measures, emphasizing their importance for worker and public safety.

New Ordinance Breakdown

Here’s a summary of the new Ordinance in Boston.

1. Comprehensive Site Safety Plans

Contractors are mandated to submit a Site Safety Plan Affidavit.

This document ensures that a thorough safety plan is in place, addressing potential risks, necessary training, and compliance with OSHA standards. It’s a proactive step to anticipate hazards and prepare accordingly.

2. Consistent Safety Education

Safety isn’t a one-time discussion; it’s an ongoing commitment.

Regular safety orientations and weekly meetings are now compulsory, ensuring every worker is consistently updated on safety procedures.

These sessions, conducted in languages workers understand, play a crucial role in keeping safety at the forefront of daily operations.

3. Dedicated Safety Oversight

For larger-scale projects, the ordinance requires a qualified Site Safety Coordinator.

With OSHA 30-hour training, their role extends beyond regular inspections to maintaining a detailed Safety Log, proactive management of unsafe conditions, and ensuring strict compliance with safety norms.

A graphic promoting the SkillSignal construction safety app for construction jobsite use.

SkillSignal stands with Boston’s initiative to foster safer construction environments.

We encourage contractors and construction professionals to embrace these changes, understanding that safety is a collective responsibility.

By working together, we can create a safer and more efficient construction industry.


What is the Boston Construction Safety Ordinance?

The ordinance is a set of regulations to enhance safety in construction and demolition sites in Boston, effective December 1, 2023.

How does the Site Safety Plan Affidavit impact contractors?

Contractors must submit a comprehensive safety plan, ensuring they follow OSHA guidelines and address site-specific hazards.

What are the responsibilities of the Site Safety Coordinator?

The coordinator oversees safety on large projects, conducting regular meetings, inspections, and ensuring compliance with safety standards.

How often are safety meetings required?

Safety meetings, including orientations and pre-shift gatherings, should be conducted weekly.

Are these regulations applicable to all construction sites in Boston?

Yes, these regulations apply broadly, with specific rules like the Site Safety Coordinator requirement for larger projects.

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