Revolutionizing Construction: How the Build Back Better Act of 2023 Aligns with SkillSignal’s Vision

At SkillSignal, we’re passionate about the evolving landscape of the construction industry, and the Build Back Better Act of 2023 is a game-changer we’re all excited about. 

This transformative legislation promises to reshape our industry and aligns perfectly with our core values of sustainability, innovation, and safety. 

Let’s dive into what this means for us and you in the construction world.

Understanding the Build Back Better Act of 2023

The Build Back Better Act is a landmark bill that seeks to revitalize the American economy with a keen focus on the construction industry. 

It’s about rebuilding our infrastructure, adopting sustainable practices, and ensuring that the construction sector is future-ready. 

For companies like SkillSignal, this means opportunities to integrate advanced technology and sustainable methods in our projects, making them safer and more efficient.

1. Impact on Construction: A New Era of Building

A construction superintendent is reviewing documents with 2 of his team members
Three people discussing a plan at a factory

The Act is a catalyst for significant growth and development in the construction industry. 

It injects substantial funding into infrastructure, paving the way for large-scale projects that demand innovative construction techniques and the adoption of modern technologies

This aligns with SkillSignal’s mission to integrate cutting-edge technology for enhanced safety and efficiency on job sites.

2. Sustainability at the Forefront

One of the key aspects of the Build Back Better Act is its emphasis on sustainable construction practices. It encourages the use of eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient building methods. 

At SkillSignal, we see this as an opportunity to further our commitment to environmental stewardship and green building practices.

3. Embracing Technological Advancements

The Act supports technological advancements like Building Information Modeling (BIM) and the Internet of Things (IoT), which are crucial for the modernization of construction processes

These technologies are at the heart of what we do at SkillSignal, where we constantly strive to harness the latest tech for smarter, safer construction methods.

4. Creating Jobs and Enhancing Worker Safety

A significant benefit of the Build Back Better Act is job creation. 

Two construction workers are strapped to a harness as they are climbing up an active jobsite
Safety body construction, Working at height equipment. Fall arrestor device for worker with hooks for safety body harness on the roof structure

The Act’s focus on improving health and safety standards in construction echoes our own ethos at SkillSignal. We believe in creating a safe working environment, and this Act empowers us to enhance our safety protocols and training programs.

5. Building Resilience Against Climate Change

The Act also addresses the need for construction projects to be resilient against climate change. 

This means constructing buildings and infrastructure capable of withstanding extreme weather events, a challenge that SkillSignal is ready to meet with our expertise and innovative solutions.

What ‘Build Back Better’ Means for Construction Companies

The BBB Act opens a plethora of opportunities for construction companies. Here’s a breakdown of what it means for your business:

  1. Subsidies and Financial Incentives: The Act introduces subsidies for projects focusing on green building and sustainable practices. This means financial backing for environmentally friendly projects.
  2. Tax Deductions and Credits: Companies adopting sustainable practices or utilizing eco-friendly materials could be eligible for tax deductions or credits, reducing overall project costs.
  3. Hiring Benefits and Compensation: The Act encourages job creation, offering compensation and benefits for companies that expand their workforce for large-scale projects.
  4. Project Bidding Advantages: Firms that align with the BBB’s emphasis on sustainability and technology may find themselves at an advantage in competitive project bidding scenarios.
  5. Training and Development: Emphasis on worker training and safety aligns with SkillSignal’s core values, presenting opportunities for workforce skill development and safety training programs.

Resources for Subsidies and Financial Incentives

To leverage the opportunities presented by the BBB Act, here are some valuable resources:


What is the Build Back Better Act of 2023?

It’s a comprehensive bill aimed at revamping the U.S. economy, with a special focus on revitalizing the construction industry through sustainable practices, technological advancements, and safety improvements.

How does the Build Back Better Act impact construction?

It leads to more infrastructure projects, adoption of green building practices, job creation, and encourages the use of advanced technology in construction.

What sustainability initiatives does the Act promote?

The Act promotes the use of eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient building methods, and other sustainable construction practices.

What role does technology play under the Act?

It supports the integration of modern technologies like BIM and IoT in construction for enhanced efficiency and safety.

How does the Act contribute to job creation in construction?

By funding infrastructure projects and promoting sustainable building, it creates new job opportunities within the construction sector.


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